Thursday, March 4, 2010


I have been so busy lately I have not been updating my blog. I don't think it is that I have been very busy, just not managing my time very well. Ever since the snow in the beginning of February I have not felt like myself. I cannot wait for Spring. I feel much more alive and ready for the world when the weather is nice. So what has been going on...

After 1 year of having different hours and different days off than the Hubs we will finally have the same hours...we may even have one day off together, don't know yet. I will miss the people I currently work with and I know I will not enjoy my work life as much, but this will be great for my life outside of work. The Hubs has been trying to be positive and act like the different schedules was not bothering him (one of the reasons I love him), but he could not hide his excitement when he found out. So I am happy about this change coming.

I have not been working out consistently. I know my weight is up and for the first time I do not want to get on the scale. I have got to get my motivation back I just don't know how. I am hoping that with the coming of nice weather my motivation will return. I have definitely decided that I am going to get back into swimming. It is the one exercise I think I can stick with. I found an online training site that does speed drills and stroke drills, etc. so I am excited. Especially since one of my goals for 101 in 1001 is to swim 300 hours and I have not done 1 minute, not a one.

My skin and I are having a battle. I have never had acne or bad skin so this is new territory for me. I have been trying different things and I see progress being made and I have come up with a new routine for my face and its cleaning and will be updating that. Luckily it is only one section of my forehead I am battling with, but it is enough. And in my process of trying to make it better, I initially made it worse. So I will discuss the good and the bad.

I have been reading books, so I have some updates on what I have been reading.

I bought some green products and some ingredients to make my own and will be updating that.

I have been slacking on school. This is part of my all around lack of motivation. Luckily I am in an online program and they are very understanding of working schedules so it has not impacted my grade even though I have been submitting late assignments, but this is not like me. I am working on improving this as well.

So what is my explanation for my overall slackdom and lack of motivation... I am blaming it all on the Snowpacolypse, the Snowmaggedon, the 55+ inches that have poured down on the DC area in the last couple of months. I felt like all that weight of the snow was on me and I could just not get from under it. But as the snow melts, the heaviness and lack of life I have been feeling is melting away as well. New life. Yes. And that is what has been going on in a nutshell.

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