Thursday, April 7, 2011

#28: Read 100 Books

I debated on whether or not to classify this book as crime or non-crime. I decided to count it as crime. Really it is a classic, but definitely crime and revenge based.

I finally read The Count of Monte Cristo. I never read this in school. It was always on the list of optional/select the book. Seeing as it is a million pages and I always procrastinated I never was able to read it. I read things like "Snow Goose" or something like that because it was less than 100 pages. Well, I finally decided to tackle this book. I really liked it. It was a million pages and due to work obligations and life it took me to read, but I finally made it through.

It was even better because I never watched any of the movies on the book, so I really did not know what would happen. I also like that it as real literature. Language has been "dumbed down" as I have gotten older and to read a classic, literature book was...refreshing. It makes me want to read more classics.

On to my next book.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Helllooooo World

Hello Blog World.

Wow. I have been away for a while. Part of that is I have been really busy. Another part is laziness. Another part, the biggest part, is that I have not completed much of my 101 in 1001.

But, at last, I have completed some tasks and every day I will be posting about what I have completed.

If you started a 101 in 1001, how are you doing with it? I know for me it is hard to stay motivated.