Thursday, March 11, 2010

#28: Read 100 books

I have actually read a couple of books, 3 to be exact. I have been busy and haven't had time to update. The 3 books I read are all by Linda Fairstein's Alexandra Cooper series.

Part of the reason I have not updated frequently is because my laptop bit the dust. So I have been using the Hubs' Mac and I honestly do not like it as much. One I do not know how to use the functions as well as I do on my gateway. One of the things I can figure out is how to copy and save the book covers for reviews. So here are the reviews, but with no pics. If I ever figure it out, I may add them.

This was my least favorite of the Linda Fairstein books so far. I just did not like the story and it took me a little longer to read. If it were not part of a series I probably would have put it down and moved on. I found myself more invested in the main characters than the story and that is why I finished the book. I wanted to see what would happen with them.

I was praying that the Alexandra Cooper series was not taking a nose dive after reading Death Dance and not being thrilled. Well, I liked this book. Back to the old Linda Fairstein. This is book nine of the series. I am more invested in the main characters than the story. I just want to see what happens with them. It is nice to have an interesting story as well.

Yes, more Linda Fairstein. Did I mention before that I love a series. I think I am going to read a non-crime book next though. Take a mini break. One of the reasons is this series is almost over. Then I will not know what to read.

If you want to see my 101 in 1001 list, it is here.

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