Saturday, May 26, 2012

#27 and #28: Books

I recently read a non-crime book and a crime book. Balance. I will read books based on recommendations from strangers, internet friends, co-workers (except I will not be reading 50 shades of porn), anyone. The Night Circus was one of those recommendations. When I first read the insert, I thought it was going to be the Hunger Games set in a circus. Not at all. This is a fantastical, magical book about two young magicians dueling with the circus at as their setting. But they don't know who each other is and they don't know how a winner is determined. The description and settings and details make this a very enjoyable read.

While reading The Night Circus, I was also reading The Consultant, book two of the Barry/McCall series by Claude Bouchard. You definitely must read The Vigilante first. And I have said repeatedly how I love a series, especially when it is good.