Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I didn't even know I had a...


How long have I had one?? No idea. I think my mother-in-law got it for us when we moved in, so that would be 2007. Yeah, that long ago. I was recently telling the Hubs that I wanted to get one so we could start having more home cooked meals. And everyone was telling me how easy it was. I was about to go buy one. Then I come home the other day and apparently the Hubs found it in the closet. Then he asks if I knew it was there. Um, no. So I am off to find some recipes.

Another great thing is I have been wanting to get away from canned beans. I have been reading that a great way to cook dried beans is in the crock pot and then freezing them. So yeah, I am excited. On my way to being a domestic wife...well, maybe.

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  1. my favorite thing to make in the crock pot is pulled pork. I love being able to throw everything in together in the morning then when I get home from work the house smells delicious and dinner is ready! Good luck! If you find a good recipe please share!