Friday, March 5, 2010

#22: Make 10 New Recipes

It has been a couple of months since I started my 101 tasks and this is the first new recipe I have made. I have been cooking, occasionally, but nothing new. So last night the Hubs says that he wants some stir-fry. I have never made it before and was just winging it. No recipe to follow or anything. Definitely not my normal style, but I think I was creative and it tasted good, according to the Hubs. I was not hungry, so I did not eat any. It smelled very good though. Basically I just used what we had in the house. And I did not measure anything.

Shrimp Stir-fry


organic carrots
yellow pepper
frozen broccoli
frozen green beans
frozen organic corn
large frozen shrimp
olive oil
organic vegetable broth
salt and pepper

Since the carrots were fresh, I cut those up and sauteed them in some olive oil and minced garlic cloves. I let that go for a couple of minutes. Then I added the chopped yellow pepper. I added the broccoli, green beans, and corn and let that cook for a while. After that cooked for a couple of minutes, I added the shrimp. I added the vegetable broth and let it simmer. I added salt and pepper to taste. Then I made some basic white rice. Put the stir-fry on top and Voila! a good dinner. Very simple, healthy, and yummy. I must say I am impressed with myself and will be adding this to my list of future dinners.

I hope this makes the Hubs realize that if he TELLS me what he wants to eat I will cook it and generally with decent results. I am just terrible at meal planning.

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