Wednesday, February 10, 2010

#27: Read 50 Non-crime books

I read two non-crime books in a row. And I loved both of them. Swapping Lives is not like any book I have read in years. I am definitely not a "chick-flick" kinda book reader. Again relating books to movies, this reminds me of The Holiday with Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet, sorta. A single journalist from London swaps lives for a month with a mother of two, with a husband from the Connecticut suburbs.
Parts of this book really made me look at my life. Even though I am not a mother, I could identify with the rut that the mother in this book was in. Sometimes you get so caught up in the routine of the day. I was just telling the Hubs that sometimes I feel like everything but a wife. Some days I feel like a mom (even though I have not kids), a maid, a student, and employee, etc. and after all that I forget that I am a woman and a wife. Sometimes it is hard to break that cycle, but I realize it is something I have to work on. I have to remember the fun loving person I was before we got married. I also have to remember that everything is not my responsibility. I do have a husband and we are supposed to be equals here. I have to let him take care of some things.
Despite the epiphany this book made ME have, it is a very light-hearted, fun read. It definitely took my mind away from the record breaking blizzard DC is experiencing at the moment. There may be a post about that if I can get to it.

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