Friday, July 10, 2009

My Favorite Things Edition 1

Soooo.... I am no Oprah or anything, but to let you get to know me a little I thought I would let you all in blog world know some of my favorite things of 2009. Here is my list.


1. Summer Accessory - Cole Haan Genevieve Small Triangle bag

This was a gift from the Hubs. He gave it to me in the winter and i had been waiting to pull it out. Now I carry it everywhere and in my eyes it goes with everything. I took it everywhere on our wedding and honeymoon. I love it and I love him for buying it.

2. Electronic - Amazon Kindle 2

This was my wedding gift from my parents. I love to read. That is a lie, I am obsessed with it. I think I have already read over 10 books this Summer alone and it is only July. I mean this gadget isn't perfect; there are some things I can think of to improve it. But to have a portable and you can really read anywhere. I know it is the nerd in me that loves this, but to be able to travel and throw this device in my fav summer accessory and keep going.

3. Favorite Books - Temperance Brennan Series

From my fav above, I love reading. Beyond that I love reading a series. My Summer series of 2009 has been the Temperance Brennan novels by Kathy Reichs. She does the character Bones on Fox, but even though the character has the same name it is not the same. Anywho, because of my love of forensics, I am obsessed with these books. I probably read one every 3 days. I am almost done the series and hope there are more to follow.

4. Favorite Hair product - Shea butter

I have natural hair (no relaxer). Some of you may not understand that, but in the black community it is a big thing. For some it defines you. It is not always accepted in the corporate world and you always get looks and stares from people who either love that you are natural or hate it. I try not to get into all of that. But, I have been natural since 2003. It is kinda sad, but I have just started to really pay attention to my hair and try to make it as healthy as possible. So in my search for healthy hair I have found Pure, Unrefined Shea Butter. It is the best. I make so many concoctions with it and my hair loves it. I use it every day in something.

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  1. Oooh, I love your Cole Haan bag! I am also super envious that you have a Kindle. I want one soooo bad! =)