Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Tony!

Today is my baby brother's birthday. Anyone who knows me knows that my brother is like my favoritest person in the world. Yes, I know I am married and I love the hubs dearly, but the bond I have with my brother is very special. In the 23 years of his life, he have never had a real fight. Don't get me wrong through the years he has gotten on my nerves and I know I have gotten on his, but no fights. Even in our adult age we still act like little kids when we are around each other. We do all the things we did when we were kids; we wrestle, and tease, and act as stupid as we possibly can.

This makes we think about relationships between all siblings. I know people that cannot stand their siblings. This always makes me sad. I could not imagine not being crazy about my brother. I can't think of anything that would make me not talk to him. And everyday I thank God that we have the relationship we have. I remember when we were young and my mom would tell people about how we get along, they would always say that we were weird. But why are we the ones that are weird. Why isn't it normal to have a wonderful relationship with your siblings. I know my mom gets along with hers. She talks to one of her sisters everyday, probably more than once. Don't people want to have this kind of relationship with their family?

So anyway, to my brother Tony, Happy 23rd Birthday! Have a Wonderful Day! Be Safe. From your favoritest person in the world. Your Big Sis.

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