Friday, July 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Hubs!

Today is the Hubs' birthday! We are supposed to be at the John Legend concert celebrating, but we are not. Today we are just celebrating the fact that he is alive. Yesterday I got a phone call that no wife ever wants to get. As I think about that phone call it gives me chills. I can hear the Hubs' voice in a state of panic and feeling helpless that I was not there. What caused this state of panic? The Hubs calling to tell me that he was in an ambulance and had been shot. Now as the wife of a police officer you know that there is always a possibility that you will get this call, but you never really think that it is going to happen. I definitely was not thinking that it was going to happen since he was not at work. I remember praying the entire way to the hospital that he would be ok. I was just praying "Dear God, whatever you do, please just let him live." I could think of nothing else. I could not even remember how to get to a hospital that I passed everyday for 4 years while in high school. All I could do was pray.

Well, God answered my prayers. And the Hubs is here to celebrate his 31st birthday. And even though most of the day was spent in the hospital and now he is sleeping, finally, it is the best birthday ever because he is alive. He is able to move all his fingers and all his toes and he is going to be ok. What better gift could a person possibly get. Hundreds of prayers were answered. I haven't even gotten a chance to give him his gift and he did not open his cards, but you know, none of it is important. I now know what is. The fact that I can look into his eyes and he can look into mine is all that I need.

So while this is not how either of us planned on spending his birthday, we are both just happy that we still have this day to spend together. God has a way of showing you what is really important...LIFE!!!

So to the most wonderful husband in the world. I love you more than you will ever know. Happy Birthday Baby! From~ Your Sunshine

PS Thank you to everyone for you thoughts, prayers, and phone calls. They mean so much to the both of us.


  1. Whew, that blog post made my eyes well up with tears! I can't imagine getting a phone call like that! I am so glad to hear that Eddie is on the road to recovery! Hugs to you, Maria!

  2. I am so glad that your husband is recovering and will be ok. You guys are in my prayers and thoughts. Hugs!