Friday, May 13, 2011

28: Read 100 Books

I have read 2 books in the past month. Both crime related. I seem to fly through this type of book. Even when I am exhausted I keep reading.

First I read Chosen to Die. This was given to be by a co-worker when I was still reading The Count of Monte Cristo. When I fiiinally finished that book I hoped right on to this one. This is what I consider my light reading. Ha ha.

The day I finished this book I jumped right in to Patricia Conwell's Port Mortuary. It is the 18th book in the Kay Scarpetta series. I absolutely love a series. I think I have mentioned that before.

Oh. And can I say I am really loving the library. While I love my Kindle I am trying to be more money conscious. I can request the book at the library and go pick it up. Free and easy.

I love reading.

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