Monday, October 19, 2009

Bad Hair Day!

OMG. I am having such a bad hair day. I must admit I have not had many since reading the Curly Nikki blog. I mean my hair is nowhere near as fabulous as hers, and there are good days and OK days. But it has been a while since I have had a bad hair day. I wish I could just stay in the house and worry about it tomorrow. So what did I do to try to help this situation...Pulled my hair into a high pony puff and keep it moving.

What is sad is this is how I used to wear my hair all the time. I mean every day. I knew it was bad then and I felt like i was having a bad hair day everyday for like a year.

Hopefully I will have a better day tomorrow. But it is funny how your hair can ruin your entire day.

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