Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Obama's School Speech

Today President Obama is giving a speech for school age children. This speech is supposed to inspire children to stay in school, do well, and stress the importance of school. Think this is a great idea, you know, the first Black president explaining to children that you can accomplish anything if you work hard and do well? NOOOOO! This is the biggest controversy since his health care plan. So what is the issue. Some parents and law makers are afraid Obama is trying to push his political agenda. Yes, push his political agenda on kids that cannot even vote. Yes, because they are going to go home and tell their parents..... I cannot even finish that statement because I don't know what negative impact this speech could possibly have on children. Many of them may not even listen, but for the ones that do I don't think it would be anything but inspirational.

There was this woman on the news last night crying about the effect this speech would have on her child if they were forced to listen to it by the school district. She said she would have to keep her kid out of school to avoid it. And there are district that are refusing to play his speech in school. I will not even get into how this is public school and really in my opinion they should not have a say or send your child to private school. So what do you think it is? Is it ignorance, is it racism, is it complete lunacy? I really do not know. I just hope that after the speech is made and the true contents of the speech are out for the public that these naysayers will admit that they were wrong and maybe even decide to show the speech later. But they will never admit they were wrong. God forbid Obama actually have something inspirational to say that could really affect the way children look at school. God forbid this is positive for our nation. I know if I had a child they would definitely be watching this speech. I would probably record it so they could watch it at the beginning of each school year. Just to see a black man make it to president is inspiring to me. Makes me feel like I could achieve anything and I am in my 20's. What kind of impact could that have on a child?!

Read the speech here.

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