Monday, August 17, 2009

Weight Loss

So it has been 2 weeks since I have started my weight loss plan.

How have I done??? OK I guess. I definitely have been working out more and I think I am starting to notice a difference. My endurance has definitely improved.

I have been reviewing the goals for Phase I of my plan:
I have not weighed myself since the initial weigh in. That is hard for me, but I am sticking to it.
Increase activity level - doing
Stop eating at least 2 hours before sleep - doing 99% of time
Eat 3 meals and 2 snacks - doing
Drink more water - trying to do, but makes me have to go to the bathroom to frequently
Eliminate alcohol - AHR and AC trip are done. I will start the no alcohol now
Take daily supplements - still have not started doing this, need to

Working out is still very hard for me. Even though I can see some progress it is still a battle. It is so frustrating. I see these people who love going to the gym. Why can't I be one of these people. I tried doing this workout program P90X, but I am not in good enough shape to do it as you are supposed to. I do try to incorporate the program into the workout. I would love to take some dancing lessons. I think this is a workout I would love. Like salsa. But because I work nights that might be a little hard, but I am going to try to see what I can find.

At least 2 more weeks of Phase I so let's see how I do.

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