Friday, August 28, 2009

Cassia Treatment

I have heard so many natural hair folks talking about henna and cassia treatments for their hair. So finally, I decided to do a cassia treatment. Cassia makes your hair stronger, healthier, shinier, and it is the best conditioner on earth. (If you want to learn more about henna or cassia go to, it is not just for black people haha).

So my cassia recipe consisted of 150g of cassia, honey, castor oil, jojoba oil, and enough filtered water to give it a yogurt consistency.

I know the color looks funky, but it is worth it. And it is completely natural, no chemicals. Which is important to me.

Then i smooshed it all in my hair and covered it with a plastic cap. I left it in my hair for about an hour and a half.

I used about half a bottle of cheap conditioner to wash it out. Washed, conditioned, and detangled my hair as usual.

So the hair has never felt so soft. Also, my usual no shine hair actually has some. I love this stuff. I will definitely be using it again. And I will unleash the inner mixtress in me and come up with different recipes. My goal is to increase the shine in my hair. If I can accomplish that I will be ecstatic.

Unfortunately, because of my crazy work schedule last week I did nothing to my hair so I have no pics just yet of the wonderful results. But when I get some I will update.

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