Saturday, June 26, 2010

I want to get away, I want to flyyyy away!!

Dear God, make me a bird, so I can fly far...far away from here. (said in my best Je-nay voice from Forrest Gump)

Oh yes, I need a vacation. Yes, that is a NEED. I am exhausted. Right now I would not even care where I went. If someone said, you wanna go to Wisconsin or Iowa, I would be all for it. (Nothing against Wisconsin or Iowa, but they are not on my top list of vacation destinations). Sorry. I have no motivation for school, exercising, or eating appropriately. I have been taking copious naps or just going to bed early. And no, I am not pregnant. (Before anyone asks).

Lucky for me in about 2 weeks I will be on my way to Vegas, baby. I have never been there and I cannot wait. On top of that with my days off and the days I will be gone I will be off of work for a little less than 2 weeks. OMG I cannot wait.

It has been a while since I had a vacation. Well, I did go visit some friends in NC for a long weekend. I love going there, would even consider moving there, but it was not the greatest trip. First, the Hubs' truck was broken into the night before we left. Yes, one night without an alarm on the vehicle and someone broke into it. So, we were going to cancel, but after that I just felt we really needed to get away. So instead of leaving early in the morning we left much, much later. After car repairs. Then after being down there for one day, I got sick. I mean real sick. I will spare you the gory details, but it was bad. There is nothing worse than being sick when you are away from home. So I am not even sure I can count that as a vacation.

I did have a girls weekend in AC, but I am starting to realize a weekend is just not long enough.

So I will be spending 1 week in Vegas. Yes, I know that is a long time for Vegas, but I have found some off the strip things to do. And I need this. Hopefully I will come back tanned and rejuvenated. CANNOT. WAIT.

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