Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Venus Williams, what are you thinking?

Its tennis time again. It has been going on for a couple of days now and I could not be more excited. I got to see my favorite tennis player in action, Rafael Nadal, and he looked like he was back to his old self, pre injuries.

Well, today I was watching tennis and Venus Williams was playing. Well actually its going on right now and her outfit is so crazy I had to take my attention away from my favorite sport to blog about it. Now I had seen pictures of it a couple of days ago, but seeing her with this outfit on while she is words to describe it. I am sorry I missed her first match because the commentators are not commenting on it and I wonder if they are just trying to ignore it or if all the comments are over. It is so distracting. But it is taking my mind off of her semi lackluster performance.

What is that lingerie? How much money does she have for a clothing allowance? And this is what she chooses. Where are her people to tell you "umm no honey, uh uh. Not this time. Keep it in the bedroom"?

Are parts of this outfit see through? Has she not seen what other tennis players where?

Oh, and here is the money shot....
Is that her ass? Nope. It is her flesh colored bloomers. WHO DOES THAT? Of the Williams sister, Venus is my favorite. But I think she needs a real friend to tell her this was a HUGE mistake.

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