Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Vatika Enriched Coconut Hair OIl Review

Dabur Vatika Enriched Coconut Hair Oil 300mL $4.99

Ingredients: Each 100mL of oil is prepared from: Mehndi (henna), Amla, Harar, Bahera, Neem, Brahmi, Kapur Kachri, Dugdha, Lemon oil, Rosemary oil, Lecithin, Sugandhit Dravyas, Nariyal Tail

What is all that? They are all ayurvedic herbs that have a variety of benefits.

Mehndi - hair strengthener; dandruff reducer; hair colorant
Amla - a conditioner; controls hair loss, stimulates growth, and controls premature graying
Harar - anti-inflammatory; analgesic; purifier
Bahera - hair rejuvenator
Neem - clears dandruff; natural antiseptic; natural oil balance for scalp
Brahmi - cools the scalp; controls dandruff; makes hair long, dense, dark, and lustrous; strengthens hair roots
Kapur Kachri - stimulates hair roots and growth
Dugdha - prevents graying
Lemon oil - cleans scalp; natural antiseptic; natural oil balance for scalp; refreshens and rejuvenates the scalp
Rosemary oil - is good for treating hair fall or shedding and dandruff. It stimulates the hair bulbs to renew activity and prevent premature balding
Lecithin - protein
Sugandhit Dravyas - improves blood circulation to hair roots and follicles; eliminates dandruff; soothes flaky scalp
Nariyal Tail - coconut oil

Yeah that's a lot. But this stuff is amazing. I found this searching on Amazon for something to help my itchy scalp. Then after I found it there I saw it on every blog and forum for natural hair care. So apparently this stuff is popular and I was just out of the loop. Nothing new. And from what I have found there are two different formulations, but I use the one in the green bottle pictured above.

Typically I make my own hair products, but this has so much stuff in it and it works, so for me to try to make something similar on my own would cost a fortune. I use this on my scalp and to do my 2-strand twists. Others use it as an oil rinse or deep conditioner. There are just so many uses. Even the Hubs tried it and liked it. He has very coarse hair and the products he has used according to him are usually soaked up through the night. He used this one night and he said the next morning his hair actually felt soft. I have never seen his hair feel soft so that is saying something. ;)

I have been using this product for a little over 2 months and I love it.

Pros: No more itchy scalp and my hair is so soft. I can use this product for so many things. I can add it to my deep conditioner (or use it alone as a deep conditioner), as an oil rinse, and as a pre-poo before I shampoo and condition my hair. I know some people will use it on their body too. I'm not there yet. Another pro is that the Hubs loves this for his hair too, so its good for men and women.

Cons: The only negative I can say of it is that coconut oil is a solid at room temperature. So if it is in a cold climate it will become a solid. The bottle is not designed for a solid and it can be difficult to get the product out. Just run it under some hot water and it will liquify.

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